Jan Tegze Full Stack Recruiter. The Modern Recruiter.s Guide

author Jan Tegze
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Are you ready to learn everything about sourcing and recruitment?Then you’re looking at the right book!If you are working in the recruitment business, if you are new at it or wish to begin a career as a recruiter, you need to know some important information. Of course, you weren’t born with that knowledge, but don’t worry, that’s what this book is here for!While reading this book, you will find information that is meant to help junior recruiters understand this business, but also to expand the knowledge of the senior ones. Whether you belong to the first or the second category, this book will become your new best friend!This recruitment guide is divided into two parts. The first part of the book is all about sourcing methods. In other words, it is full of information on how to source and find people and their contact details.The second part of the book is about recruitment, and there you’ll find out how to excel in recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, cold calling, and so many more sectors. Both parts will be your guide to a more successful recruitment career!The author, Jan Tegze, is an experienced recruiter. In his book, he is sharing with you tips, tricks and smart techniques that he discovered throughout the years, with the hope that the reader will find inspiration, guidance, and the opportunity to develop and become a better recruiter. Do you want to learn more about sourcing and recruiting? Do you want to understand the recruitment business? Do you want to expa...

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