Branca. A Spirited Italian Icon


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Произведение Branca. A Spirited Italian Icon
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Ever since it was founded in 1845, the Fratelli Branca Distillerie company has maintained a solid foothold in both domestic and international markets. Its unmistakable, bitter-tasting liqueur quickly became legendary with its combination of herbs and roots sourced from all over the world. The pioneering secret recipe, which is left to brew in oak barrels for over a year, soon made history under the name Fernet-Branca. Today the company continues to have its base in Milan, but exports its entire range worldwide thanks to a string of winning advertising campaigns, some of which have entered design and poster history in over a century of creative publicity. This book covers 170 years of the companys life through a richly illustrated historical account that documents the continued rise of the brand, and includes many of the more successful advertising campaigns, offering a handsome collectors album of historical coverage and archive material, including reproductions of poster-art and sketches from the 1960s and

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