Chris Campanioni Death of Art

author Chris Campanioni
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isbn 9781936196609
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Death of Art dissects post-capitalist, post-Internet, post-death culture; our ability and affinity to be both disembodied and tethered to technology, allowing us to be in several places at once and nowhere at all. "The future is trash. Recycling it, re-arranging it. Making it beautiful again." "Lately I had been thinking about writing a memoir because everything else I've ever written is a memoir while pretending to be something else and I figured it was time I did something else, which was a memoir. So much of my life is predicated on pretending or performance. Language had become another performance for me. One in which I could show off and show myself. At the same time."HYPE"Cuban-American writer Chris Campanioni's new work is billed as non-fiction, but serves as much more. A dancey mashup of poetry and hybrid prose reminiscent of Maggie Nelson's Bluets, Death of Art is a genre-bending glimpse into what feels like Campanioni's private diary."-Duende"In Death of Art, Campanioni re-evaluates intimacy and narcissism in 2016-not just its mode and function, but how we think about and value each-and he does so in unexpected and unusual ways."-The Brooklyn Rail"Campanioni's writing has a really hypnotic rhythm. Something very Donald Antrim to this, except Donald Antrim isn't in his twenties writing for the next generation of readers."-The Wrong Quarterly"Campanioni offers us references and reflections on city lif...

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