Janet Lee Penny Postcard. My Mother.s Life

author Janet Lee
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Penny Postcard is a dramatic narrative about the life of the author’s mother, Stella. Janet Lee has created a vivid account that begins with the birth of Stella, the sixth of twelve children, who is literally born in a barn in Texas. Her father is an abusive, philandering alcoholic who beats his wife and demands constant labor of his children. The family travels to Arizona and then California, where they are sheltered by the Salvation Army and later live in a government camp. When they land back in Texas, Stella schemes to escape her father’s clutches. She finally runs away from home to Carmel, California to look for her fiancé, Clarence Rader. She makes some good friends while she searches for Clarence; a policeman, Officer Joe, sends out hundred of penny postcards to help find him, and the two are finally reunited. Their friends throw them a wedding party and their life together begins. A dramatic ending caps the author’s tale of heartache, love, and redemption.

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