Henry Ford, Rose Wilder Lane, Samuel Crowther The Story of Henry Ford - An American Dream Cone True

author Henry Ford, Rose Wilder Lane, Samuel Crowther
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FEW PEOPLE have had the transformative success as Henry Ford of Dearborn Michigan, USA. While his life-story transformed the nation and the world, the effects on its author are less understood. The purpose of this book is to explore his story as an additional study to Napoleon Hill's bestselling "Think and Grow Rich." In Hill's book, few individuals in it have more anecdotes used as examples than Ford - excepting Thomas Edison himself (who gave Ford an early boost in one of his companies.) In most days, people are challenged by their environment. They can rise to the challenge, or succumb to it. A rare few among them can see opportunity and seize it - creating a new world from a unique and unstoppable vision they hold. With Ford, we can also gain more insight into his philosophy of achievement, and how this affected Hill in his own studies. Even today, Ford's ideals have a great deal to say about how we can approach our own life. Now, it's over to you.

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