Wigand Lange My Friend Parkinson. an Experience

author Wigand Lange
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A few months before his fiftieth birthday the author Wigand Lange noticed a growing stiffness in his right arm. The diagnosis was devastating: Parkinson's. Four million people are suffering from this disease worldwide, among them Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox. But who cares about celebraties when you are afflicted with this disease yourself? Lange has to go through hell, but eventually manages to reorganize his life in a positiv way. He accepts the disease and develops his own individual therapeutic approach to dealing with his new way of life. As a new-found friend Parkinson also shows him, where there are new possibilities in life."Thank you for your book! I read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down. It is a book that can speak to all kinds of people. A masterpiece!"[a reader]

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