Steve J. Plummer A Man of Invention

author Steve J. Plummer
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Jack Wheelwright was a talented artist and designer with a promising career when war broke in 1914. He volunteered for the Royal Navy and within weeks became one of the Royal Naval Air Service's first airship pilots. He saw action in the Dardanelles and then over the North Sea, defending convoys against enemy submarines. His greatest contribution, however, was his imagination and ability to adapt and design, transforming the Admiralty's fault ridden fleet of airships. The Suvivor of several air crashes, Jack volunteered again in 1939, putting his skills to use once more, this time fighting to prove the value of his work with barrage balloons. This is a story of human endeavour, generously illustrated with contemporary images and re-worked with greater detail. Chiefly, however, it is the story of a man of extraordinary ability, energy and determination.

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