Bethany Sefchick From The Viscount With Love

author Bethany Sefchick
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Consummate rake, Lord Robert Tillsbury, is bored out of his mind and the Season is not yet at an end. So when Frost's good friend the Duke of Candlewood sends him on a mission deep within London's newest brothel to uncover the truth about a woman known only as Ianthe, he can hardly resist the temptation. Except that there is far more to Ianthe than meets the eye and she becomes a puzzle that Frost is almost desperate to solve.Miss Lavinia Tremont, otherwise known as Ianthe, is living her version of hell on earth. The granddaughter of a duke, she has lost her place in Society and though is still chaste, knows that her place in life is now that of a fallen woman. Or is it? For when Frost frees Lavinia from Lycosura and installs her in his home as a long-lost relative, her world changes dramatically. More importantly, she fears that she is falling in love with a man that she can never have. Especially once he discovers who she really is.

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