Ann B. Keller For the Love of Kate

author Ann B. Keller
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Kate Middleton and Trevor Houston were from two different worlds. Handsome Trevor Houston, playboy extraordinaire, lived in the world of the rich and famous. He dressed in designer suits, drove a flashy red sports car and owned a house that looked like a museum. Trevor didn't do relationships. He preferred to date glamorous, experienced women whose only thought seemed to be the next bauble he could bestow upon them.Lovely Kate Middleton hid her looks behind a pair of glasses and dull, unflattering clothes. She was an innocent, a woman with standards in a modern era which seemed to have little. Kate accepts the job as Trevor's assistant, because she is almost penniless. Horrified by Trevor's carefree lifestyle, Kate sets about reforming her new boss. Although Trevor resists at first, there is something beguiling about Kate, something which compels him to pursue her and perhaps, make her surrender. Unfortunately, by winning Kate, Trevor may very well find himself entrapped as well.

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