Tony Pay You Were Meant For Me

author Tony Pay
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isbn 9781105712685
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It's only natural that Kevin would join his parent's family law firm. Kevin preferred to spend time reading or at his parent's office. If Kevin gets a specialized degree, his potential income could double and guarantees his parent's firm expanding. When love hits Kevin for the first time, his world is shaken. Will he find that making the right choice could jeopardize his career path and let his family down? Meanwhile, a pretty young high school student struggles with her grades as her best friend gets boy-crazy. At their bleakest moments, the help that they desperately need comes from the people they didn't expect. Their resolution, determination, and loyalty are tested over the next couple of years, as their paths require them to overcome painstaking hurdles. Follow these students as they learn the hard-knocks of life and lessons that mold them into the adults that they become.

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