Bethany Sefchick The Earl of Heartbreak

author Bethany Sefchick
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isbn 9781365221408
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Lord Brook Bexley is known by many names, but to the women of London Society, he is known as the Earl of Heartbreak. However, there is one woman who also refers to him as nothing more than a friend. Unfortunately, she is also the only woman he has ever desired, even though she is most decidedly off-limits to a man like him. Lady Sarah Tillsbury has known Rayne nearly all of her life - and believed him to be out of her reach for just as long. Even if Rayne was not more family to her than potential husband, he is also known for the trail of broken hearts he has left littered across much of polite society. However when a misguided letter sends Rayne chasing Sarah across the English countryside to her family's country estate, neither of them can continue to deny what has been brewing between them for so long. Will Rayne finally come to terms with the fact that he gave away his heart long ago and will Sarah be brave enough to claim the love she has desired for so long?

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