Michael Spörke Living with the myth of Janis Joplin

author Michael Spörke
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To many people, Big Brother and the Holding Company has always meant Janis Joplin. Big Brother, who gave Janis a platform for success by giving her the freedom and the energy to develop her musical style, were considered amateurish and unprofessional by many reviewers. Simply put, Janis Joplin's fame and glory overshadowed the band. This book tells the band's story, how difficult it was to find an identity separate from Joplin's towering talent. Big Brother and the Holding Company were and are far more than a Janis Joplin backup band. Big Brother were the pioneers of the San Francisco sound and are among the outstanding representatives of psychedelic music. This book describes the life story of each of the members of Big Brother: where they came from, what their roots were, how they see their time with Janis Joplin, and what they experienced afterwards. It has been written with the close participation of the musicians themselves.

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