Marjorie Macgoye Macgoye Rebmann

author Marjorie Macgoye Macgoye
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A historical novel based on the life of Johannes Rebmann, 1820-76, describing his missionary travels to East Africa. It is framed in a series of recollections elicited by questions during his retirement journey."Although the novel is written in the third person, the bulk of the story consists of memories and reminiscences through the voice of Johannes Rebmann, at the end of his life. Rebmann is in his 50s, but he is in poor health; during his 30 years in East Africa, he has lost a wife, a child, and his eyesight. His missionary efforts have not been particularly successful either, at least not by conventional measures. The novel opens as Rebmann is boarding a ship to return to England, and eventually Germany. During the voyage to Europe, during his debriefing by the mission agency in England, and through his resettlement, second marriage, and death in Germany, we are exposed to lengthy flashbacks that weave together the story of Rebmann's life, and along with them the story of the first Christian missionary efforts in this part of the world. Despite disappointments and limited accomplishments during his lifetime, Rebmann is today recognized for laying the groundwork for the later dramatic growth of the Anglican church in Kenya. Macgoye's book is carefully researched, and the events that it describes are historically accurate. These include the names and roles of all the characters, the often complicated geopolitical reality of East Africa at the time, the theologi...

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