Teaching for a Multifaith World

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When religious diversity is our reality, radical hospitality to people of other faiths is not a luxury but a necessity. More than necessary for our survival, radical hospitality to religious diversity is necessary if we are to thrive as a global society. By no means does the practice of hospitality in a multifaith world require that we be oblivious of our differences. On the contrary, it demands a respectful embrace of our differences because that's who we are. Neither does radical hospitality require that we water down our commitment, because faithfulness and openness are not contradictory. We must be able to say with burning passion that we are open to the claims of other faiths because we are faithful to our religious heritage. The essays in this book do not offer simply theological exhortations; they offer specific ways of how we can become religiously competent citizens in a multifaith world. Let's take the bold steps of radical openness with this book on our side!""If the 2016 presidential election is any barometer, it would seem that the most vibrant segments of the North American church expend much more of their energy attempting to protect their own religious freedoms than understand religious others. If there is any hope for the latter prospect, our seminaries and divinity schools have to lead the way. Fortunately there are colleagues like those writing for this volume who can help us cultivate the virtues, competencies, dispositions, and practices n...

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