Calli J Linwood Break Forth. Becoming victorious over a past of abuse, trauma and domestic violence.

author Calli J Linwood
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BREAK FORTH is the story of one woman's emotional journey of breaking free from domestic violence and abuse and her experience of healing from the devastating trauma associated with such a relationship. As Calli learned firsthand, the pain from this experience does not magically end once a woman breaks free from domestic violence and trauma, but freedom can be found if the victim presses on and refuses to give up. Complete healing and freedom from the chains of trauma are attainable, and BREAK FORTH is the first step in achieving such freedom.Pastors and Christian Counselors across North America are using BREAK FORTH as a necessary and powerful tool in helping those who come to them for help—either in dealing with ongoing domestic violence and abuse or in finding healing after getting out of such relationships.BREAK FORTH is an intricately detailed tool for women of all ages, using a delicate dance of truth and compassion. Everyone knows someone who is either in one of these destructive relationships or has gotten out of one. BREAK FORTH is not just for survivors of violent marriages, but also for young women with abusive boyfriends, and friends or neighbors of someone they suspect may be trapped in such a situation. Even men who want to gain understanding in the areas of abuse and violence are picking up this book.As one of the most powerful tools available to combat such a domestically damaging dragon, BREAK FORTH is an absolute must have in every Christian's toolbe...

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