Zeph R. Edwards My Journey of Discovery. A Personal Testimony of the Grace and Goodness of God

author Zeph R. Edwards
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This book is the story of Zeph Edward's life, from his early experiences as a child and young adult in Trinidad and the struggles he encounters, to being a college student and young husband dealing with the issues of race and interracial marriage, to his successes as a laboratory technician, nurse, counselor, and teacher.Throughout each step of this journey, Zeph gives the glory to God and holds on with faith to the plan God reveals for his life. This is truly a story of when one door closes, God opens another. If you have struggled through adversity and have been discouraged when things don't work according to plan, be encouraged by Zeph's story.In this book you will read about Zeph's baptism, schooling, and enrollment in a Seventh-day Adventist college. You will also read about when he meets his beautiful wife and their experiences with prejudice as a bi-racial couple and their move to the Dominican Republic for medical school. You will read about Zeph's faith and character being challenged in the workplace and how God leads him through. And you will read about Zeph using his talents from God as a counselor, teacher, father, and husband.

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