Jane Grieve Fundraising for Churches

author Jane Grieve
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At last, a book that really helps with fund-raising, offering a practical approach to the task facing so many of us today, regardless of the scale involved. Jane Grieve considers the most effective methods employed, and shows how they can be used and adapted for the specific needs of churches and other Christian organisations. The book is in four parts. In the first, the reader is provided with a useful checklist of things to be done and shown how to start the vital consultation and pre-planning necessary to create a successful programme targeted at the appropriate level. Part two provides a description of all the major sources of income, with hints for how to access them. The third part considers the ethical principles that lie behind fundraising, to help and inform a Christian approach. It looks at biblical themes and seeks to provide readers with sufficient understanding to help them apply their principles to their own situation and context. In the final part, the author assembles a wealth of examples from her own experience, and other valuable case studies, complete with successes and frustrations, in order to provide a rounded picture of what can be a complex process.

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