Martin Dudley Churchwardens - A Survival Guide

author Martin Dudley
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Becoming a churchwarden can be a richly rewarding experience, but the role is not an easy one. This warmly written handbook will help all those considering, or already in, office to understand what is involved. Focusing throughout on real-life situations, including many case studies, it is a guide to: • the responsibilities of a churchwarden • how to become a churchwarden • working with the minister • the duties of a churchwarden through the year • what a churchwarden should know • what a churchwarden should ask • what to do when problems arise. Appendices containing relevant legal documents and other useful resources complete the book, making it an up-to-date, comprehensive and essential aid to negotiating the complexities of this important office. 'Packed full of useful facts and presented in a very readable way.' The Good Book Stall. The Revd Dr Martin Dudley is the Rector of St Bartholomew the Great, London and the author of several books, including (with Virginia Rounding), The Parish Survival Guide and Serving the Parish: How to be an effective PCC member (both SPCK). Virginia Rounding is the acclaimed biographer of Catherine the Great, and a frequent book reviewer for the Sunday Times, the Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent. She lives in London.

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