Timothy Jenkins An Experiment in Providence. How Faith Engages the World

author Timothy Jenkins
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Paying attention to the world is a particular Christian calling, and one this author is well qualified to elucidate. These writings are at the interface of the life of the church and ordinary life, and reflect an apprenticeship as an Anglican priest. Involving an exploration of the recourses which the tradition offers, in order to confront certain problems in the world. This is an era in which re-imagining the role of a priest is both important and inescapably personal, and bound up with narrative. The ideas appear in response to particular questions and contexts, such as chaplaincy, village life and working with clergy to understand their calling. Secular themes such as power, money, sex and time run through all the writing, as well as religious themes such as Scripture, liturgy, vocation, the place of the local church, and living a Christian life.

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