Alan Jamieson Churchless Faith, A - Faith Journeys beyond the Churches

author Alan Jamieson
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Thoroughly researched, this ground-breaking and eminently readable book is an account of the lessons learned from groups seeking to work with those who have left evangelical, Pentecostal, and charismatic churches but who are nevertheless pursuing a journey of faith. It outlines some of the supportive structures and one-to-one help that churches can offer leavers, and suggests that a conversation between post-church groups and churches would be of considerable value to all. Praise for 'A Churchless Faith': '...sounds a trumpet call for every Christian with a heart for the Church should heed. Alan brings intelligence, insight and compassion to a hidden wound of the contemporary Church...the slow haemorrhage of faithful believers from seemingly healthy congregations. This study contains not only analysis but practical assistance for both leavers and the established Church. It is one of the most significant discussions on the future of the Christian movement you are likely to read.' Mike Riddell, Theologian and Writer. 'This is a lively and topical book is written very fluently, it is based upon genuine research and it tackles an issue that is extremely important to churches today - namely finding out why people leave churches.' Professor Robin Gill, Michael Ramsey Chair of Modern Theology, University of Kent at Canterbury.

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