Anthony G Reddie Is God Colour-Blind. - Insight from Black Theology for Christian Ministry

author Anthony G Reddie
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Is God Colour-Blind? applies the lessons of black theology in a pastoral context and draws on the author's extensive experience of working with churches on issues surrounding racial justice and Christian ministry. Anthony Reddie offers a series of short stories, followed by theological reflection and analysis, which suggest new ways of understanding 'self' and 'other' in terms of Christian practice. The book provides food for thought and practical resources for those who are striving for a society where we are all equally accepted as God's children, no matter what our ethnic origin or skin colour. 'Anthony Reddie has made a place for himself and his work at the centre of British theological life. A theologian of many talents, he has used them all in his quest to rework Black theology in order to create new practices that promote inclusion, justice and equality both inside and outside of the Christian Church.' Robert Beckford, academic and broadcaster

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