Bruce Hayden Cabbage Heads and Chess Kings

author Bruce Hayden
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Cabbage Heads and Chess Kings is a book of witty remarks about unusual chess positions and strange games by famous old chess masters.Here is a delightful addition to the chess library, a collection of witty and lively articles on all aspects of the game. Bruce Hayden is a chess writer of repute, a skilled player and as a commentator he possesses in addition to considerable learning a quick sense of the strange and curious. His articles are not mere comments and exhaustive analysis of famous games, nor are they lessons on how to play chess. They are in the fullest sense of the word chess essay. Certainly they are often concerned with particular games or points of play but they are essentially the reflections and musings of a humerus intelligent informed journalist with many years of club and tournament experience.This is a book for all players and enthusiasts a book to dip into at idle moments an ideal companion for the chess player whether a type or a master.

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