John Curry, Donald Featherstone Donald Featherstone.s Battles with Model Soldiers An Introduction to Wargaming

author John Curry, Donald Featherstone
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Donald Featherstone's Battles with Model Soldiers was a charming introductory book when published in 1979 for the emerging hobby of wargaming. This book was written for the newcomer to the hobby of wargaming. It discusses how armies can be assembled and how, on any reasonably sized table, realistic engagements can be fought by tactical manoeuvring. The basic rules by which forces are moved and casualties assessed are explained. The book then goes onto to give a brief overview of the different wargaming periods. The book includes some simple rules and a detailed description of an American Civil War battle on the table top. The book was well received when first published and still has a charm that will appeal to the modern wargamer. The second edition of this book is published by the History of Wargaming Project.

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