Joseph A. Coannouer Weeds - Guardians of the Soil

author Joseph A. Coannouer
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This is perhaps the first book to be written in praise of weeds. According to Joseph Cocannouer, weeds perform the following valuable services among others:1. They bring minerals and make them available to crops.2. When used in crop rotation they crop roots to feed deeply.3. They fiberize and condition the soil make any soil productive.4. They are good indicators of soil condition. 5. Weeds are deep divers and feeders they enable crops to withstand drought better.6. As companion crops they enable our domesticated plants to get unavailable food.7. Weeds store up minerals and nutrients and keep them readily available.8. Weeds make good eating.No, Professor Cocannouer does not believe that weeds should be allowed to go rampant and take over our farms and gardens. The function of this book is to demonstrate how the controlled use of weeds can be sound ecology, good conservation and a boon to the average farmer or gardener. (From the Introduction)Get Your Copy Today!

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Joseph A. Cocannouer Weeds - Guardian of the Soil
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