Ray Simm Wobbles

author Ray Simm
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Catching updrafts beautifully, a soaring eagle glided effortlessly a foot above spiked tops of ridge-sprouting, softwood trees. A left-wing moved upward missing a taller tree-top by inches. Seconds later, another tree-top was avoided with the right-wing. No wing-flapping occurred. Line of flight was maintained. That magnificent raptor was counter-steering. My long-time companion and two-up riding partner, once an active pilot,.said motorcycling was the closet thing to flying without an airplane or flapping wings. Ray describes some biking experiences covering many miles over many years. Imagine non-helmeted enthusiasts, piloting suicide-shift Harley's, through the dispute over whether or not buddy-seats should be allowed on motorcycles, to all-too-often, sitting beside dirt roads, trying to fix a broken chain by pounding on a link with a piece of rock.

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