Sharon Leece China Living

author Sharon Leece
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No longer is Chinese style considered traditional. In this rapidly-changing nation, the pioneering spirit of a new China manifests itself in cutting-edge design and architecture. An insatiable appetite for creative new directions is leading designers to infuse their work with a fresh vision rooted in Chinese culture but totally of the moment. The traditional aesthetic values of elegance, subtlety and proportion and a deep-rooted sense of Chinas ancient culture and art are still evident-but modern materials and techniques now form the cornerstones of new design movements.China Living looks at the full array of architecture and interiors, from high-rises to artistic retreats in former industrial buildings to refurbished courtyard homes-the array of lifestyle and design options in China is as varied as the country itself. From Beijings creative formalism to Shanghais energetic glamour and Hong Kongs latest technological and cultural fusion - all of the homes in this book exemplify different facets of an emerging identity that is uniquely Chinese and yet has global appeal.

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