Philip Martin McCaulay McCaulay.s CFA Level I Mock Exam

author Philip Martin McCaulay
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McCaulay's CFA Level I Sample Mock Exam consists of two 120-question exams, with each exam followed by an answer key and the exam with the answers shown, including the formulas used to derive the numeric answers. The question formats and topic weights are similar to the actual CFA Level I exam. The questions were transformed from the study material in the CFA Institute Program Curriculum available from the CFA Institute. The sample exam is designed to complement the CFA Program curriculum and to facilitate the learning process, not to be used as a substitute for study of the prescribed curriculum. The morning exam is Exam 11 from McCaulay's CFA Level I Practice Exams Volume II of V and the afternoon exam is Exam 21 from McCaulay's CFA Level I Practice Exams Volume III of V.

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