Lisa London, Kimber Eulica Using QuickBooks Online for Nonprofit Organizations . Churches

author Lisa London, Kimber Eulica
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If you are considering using QuickBooks Online for your small nonprofit or religious organization, Lisa London’s latest book is a must have!The Accountant Beside You, Lisa London, has teamed up with CPA Eulica Kimber to show you how to make QuickBooks Online work for your nonprofit. From establishing good internal accounting controls, to converting from your desktop QuickBooks, to step-by-step instructions for setting up the system, QuickBooks for Small Nonprofits & Churches will guide you along the way.This resource includes hundreds of illustrations, sample chart of accounts for a variety of nonprofits, a sample chart of account for a religious organization, and instructions on managing the various aspects of an accounting system. No prior accounting knowledge is needed; Lisa and Eulica explain the process without unnecessary jargon.Topics include: Procedures to guard against theft and errors Designing a chart of accounts (with examples for different types of nonprofits in the appendix) Converting a desktop QuickBooks organization into QBO Tracking donor gifts and grants, Importing donor and vendor contact information Receiving money, paying bills, and tracking credit card charges Reconciling accounts Budgeting Designing management reports Month-end and year-end procedures Tracking fundraisers, in-kind donations, volunteer hours And so much more.For assistance with your organization’s accounting needs, join the over 10,000 readers of the Accountant Beside You series.

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