Talib Fehlhaber Kick Start Your Own Martial Arts School. How to Set Up and Run a Successful Martial Arts Business

author Talib Fehlhaber
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Being a Black Belt in your chosen martial art often means that you are a white belt in business. Just like teaching is something that needs to be learned, running a profitable full- or part-time martial arts school is an entirely new skill set that many instructors lack. This lack of knowledge literally costs martial arts instructors thousands every month in lost revenue and unnecessary spending.The dream of one day running your own martial arts school or club, is something many martial arts instructors nurture. Most instructors however have never been told how to successfully set up a martial arts business from scratch or how to run a school with dozens of happy and paying students.This essential guide gives you all the information you need to operate a thriving martial arts business and covers every stage of the process from starting your business and attracting students to planning lessons and building a long-term reputation and financial future.What makes this guide unique is that it has been written by someone who has actually been there and done it for himself without any previous experience and with zero start up capital.

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