Dorothy Greenaway, Melinda Sinclair The Leadership Coach.s Advantage

author Dorothy Greenaway, Melinda Sinclair
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My #1 go-to coaching reference. This is a well structured guide brimming with useful models, questions and practices. It offers readily applicable ideas and perspectives - simply.Suzanne Hill Brooks, ExecutiveSourcing, Alcatel-LucentCollaboration is no longer a 'soft skill'; it's an imperative. Melinda and Dorothy have embraced the complexity of working together in organizations and created an exceptional model that is both comprehensive and elegant in its simplicity. It is eminently practical and usable and passes the only test that matters: it delivers results. A "must read" for coaches and OD professionals.Elizabeth Lancaster, Director English Services Training, Canadian Broadcasting CorporationThis coaching guide is brilliant! It inspired self-reflection, allowing me to gain greater insights into my leadership and coaching practices. Melinda and Dorothy have a way with words that make the concepts, tools and models resonate, feel relevant and are easily translated into action. I have made a positive shift in the way I lead and coach as a result of reading this guide. It is a gem for any leader or coach!Sandra Ramelli, Director, Organizational Development and Strategy Management, Hamilton Health Sciences"The Leadership Coach's Advantage framework gives a new lens to help organize my thinking about the coaching process. The content is built on a strong theoretical foundation, yet is fresh and practical, with relevance for my own development as we...

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